Choosing the best pet insurance (or any at all for that matter) can be overwhelming for a pet owner. Moreland Veterinary Hospital’s doctors are happy to help you decide the type of coverage best suited to your individual situation although we do not endorse any particular insurance carrier.

Tips to choosing the right pet insurance:

  • Do your research. Verify “Best Ratings” of the underwriter behind the policy to determine the insurer’s financial health and ability to pay claims.
  • Know your pet. Compare coverage to the actual and potential needs based on your pet’s breed and associated health risks.
  • Understand the costs. Every company is different in cost structures, co-payments, deductibles, premium escalations and lifetime caps.
  • What is covered? Know what types of services are excluded and what the policy’s coverage limits are.

If you already carry pet insurance, remember to print out your carrier’s claim forms for the veterinary doctor to sign. We are happy to print out an extra copy of your pet’s invoice so you can send those with your claim forms for any reimbursement based on your individual plans.

Payments to Moreland Veterinary Hospital are made in full at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, check and credit cards (MC/Visa only)

We are now accepting payments through CareCredit